GSG Ceramic Design is a family business. Since 1977 it produces hight quality sanitary ceramics and design, typical of the industrial district of Civita Castellana. Our company pays particular attention to the environmental challenges of our time. This approach has allowed us over the years to grow from an artistic and commercial point of view and to contribute with our projects to improve the environment in which we live.


For many years the GSG has been at the forefront of the circular economy. An entire production process designed and built to ensure an increasingly lower consumption of energy. The reuse of the heat of the furnaces and very high percentages of recycling of all production waste, which are then re-invented in the production system as second raw materials.


The most recent efforts of the company have been oriented to give positive answers to a theme that concerns all of us, that of water saving. All our products are equipped with two different types of drains, which guarantee perfecr performance with a water consumption far below the European average

Eco Clean

An innovative project, in which design makes itself available to the environment, revolutionizing the forms we are used to, to face the fundamental challenges of our time.


  • Water saving, ensuring better hygiene standards with only 3 liters of water.
  • Complete silence of the exhaust.


The search for full environmental sustainability is not limited only to ceramic products, but also involves everything we market. Our latest project are the W.C. covers, in Versagrit , an innovative and sustainable material, obtained with 100% natural raw materials and with technologies and processing systems that guarantee top quality standards. These new W.C. covers have a guarantee of 3 years, higher than that provided by European standards, maintaining over time the following strengths:

  • No yellowing: due to the composition of materials that are highly resistan to chemical agents and ultraviolet light, Versagrit products remain in perfect condition without losing their original colour.
  • Increased paint resistance: The special composition of its paint and application system allows for high scratch resistance and long-terms use.
  • Increased impact resistance: Versagrit allows products to be designed with higher impact fracture resistance
  • Increased strength of hinges ans Soft Close System.